Hi, I’m Sue Dickow and I’m glad you’ve landed here as I am excited to share my passion for astrology with you through the perspective of the planets as they correspond with your natal chart. I’ve taken a number of trips around the Sun and back in 2019, when my progressed moon headed into the sign of Aquarius ( a placement of astrological things) I became deeply captivated with the Study of Astrology. Many classes and educational opportunities later, I’m embarking on my own astrological business as a consultant and teacher.

It is my goal to provide you with a caring and inspiring reading of your natal chart incorporating many ways of exploring the energies presented by this blueprint of your unique characteristics, gifts and challenges. Through the lens that an astrological consultation provides as well as our mutual interaction, we will explore and engage these perspectives to help you not only understand yourself more fully but help make your pathway forward more illuminated.